Who am I?

I am Edelweiss (pen-name), a pragmatic self-made woman. I come from a very close-minded and conservative society where one does not have the liberty to be herself. The society I live in believe that they follow culture and virtues. In the process, they fail to understand the sole reason of one’s existence. “Life is a race”, is a quote which is taught to each and every person in this society. You have to keep running towards a goal which is not even yours. Every woman in this society faces some sort of discrimination and belittling. Let it be sexual, mental, etc. Women are taken for granted. Sometimes, treated as objects. Men can make mistakes but women cannot afford to. Some people fail to understand that women do have hormones, feelings that men do. This society has taught me what love, trust, friendship, lust, responsibility are. The most beautiful lesson is REALITY. I would like to share few of my thoughts and lessons that I have learned through my experiences in this male-dominant world.